We offer integrated solutions, tools for project management and technological expertise for the execution and implementation of our approach.

We execute our processes with the help of extensive planning, understanding the requirements, analysis & design, implementation, deployment, testing and evaluation along with the usage of PPMS software which simplifies the management of projects.

Our partnerships help us in delivering quality services to our customers and in identifying further areas of improvement.

About Overview

We follow an Iterative development lifecycle to implement our procedures. This lifecycle ensures continuous and controlled refinement of the requirements, architecture, design, and code of the system. By working on carefully planned iterations, PM AM uncovers important issues, avoiding any faulty assumptions or faulty end products. Every iteration is created with a strong detailing base to provide all team members a clear and unambiguous understanding of the iteration's objectives, scope, and evaluation criteria.

We have various work models to execute our processes:

  • Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG)
PM AM has set up a team of highly qualified individuals with certified accreditations from PMI and other certifying bodies to oversee and constantly improve the Quality Management system (QMS) and its Implementation across the Organization. The SEPG Team constantly monitors the processes; pilots process changes and ensures the changes are smoothly transitioned to the project.
  • Quality Management System (QMS)
PM AM has invested in building a full-fledged Quality Management System to repeat its success on every project executed by the organization. The QMS comprises of all organization process assets needed to successfully execute projects. The QMS has been independently verified by an SEI Certified partner Organization to ensure its compliance to SEI CMMi Level 3 VER 1.2. The QMS Consists of 25+ Process Documents, 50+ Templates, 10+ Standardization documents, 5 Systems and is mapped to 350+ Practices of the CMMi Model across 18 process areas.

PM AM Project Management System

PM AM Project Management system is the outcome of years of practical experiencing in managing teams and delivering projects. PM AM’s PPMS software helps develop project plans for communication, training, measurement, data, risk, quality, scope and schedule. PPMS essentially focuses on achieving the following:

  • Enhance Team Collaboration
  • Better Project Planning
  • 100% Transparency for all Stakeholders
  • Effective Monitoring and Controlling
  • Process Check Gates
  • Valuable Status Reporting
  • Distributed Team-management
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Ready to Use QMS
  • Project & Portfolio Dashboard

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