Customized Enforcement Of Alarm Ordinances

PM AM FAMS is the leading municipal alarm ordinance management system on the market today. PM AM FAMS, designed as a comprehensive end-to-end system used nationally, assumes total responsibility for your program. Its overall goals are to improve compliance, reduce false alarms, and implement a cost-effective recovery strategy for your community.

With over a decade of expertise, PM AM understands the significant challenges that false alarms impose on communities of all sizes. This extensive experience has resulted in the exceptional success of PM AM FAMS, which is supported by a thorough understanding of alarm ordinances and program requirements, an ever-evolving software solution based on cutting-edge technologies such as Business Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation, and a dedicated team of professionals who represent your city while providing an industry-leading white-glove experience.

Notably, PM AM FAMS charges no upfront or recurring service fees. In conclusion, PM AM FAMS is the obvious and attractive choice, providing a large return on investment with no upfront fees.

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End-to-End Program Management

PM AM FAMS provides end-to-end program management. Developing and maintaining a successful alarm management program requires so much more than a software, which can only provide the tools to run the program. It requires the experience and know-how to realize the value of those tools. That’s why, PM AM FAMS fully manages the following:


Fully Customizable

PM AM FAMS is able to be completely customized to meet your city's particular needs, ranging from alarm ordinance details to special appeal procedures. PM AM has over 15 years of considerable expertise in alarm program administration and has successfully partnered with a varied range of cities, each with its own population, alarm ordinance criteria, demographics, and state and municipal legislation. This significant knowledge guarantees that a solid solution is consistently delivered.

Furthermore, given our technology is built for the future, you can be certain that PM AM FAMS will be competent to adapt to the evolving dynamics of cities and their inhabitants without jeopardizing the program's success.


Complimentary Alarm Ordinance Development

At PM AM, we recognize that crafting a robust alarm ordinance, one that is fair to both your citizens/businesses as well as to the Police Department and City, can be a daunting task.

PM AM employs specialists to work with cities to help develop a new or amend an existing ordinance. Our team works with each individual city to understand their current state, needs, and makes recommendations based on our 15+ year history in the alarm management space.

Optimize alarm ordinance enforcement with our tailored solutions. Enhance compliance, reduce false alarms, and increase community security.
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