Experience our powerful AI-driven solution for handling crime data, which delivers unrivaled precision and efficiency in data management.

Crime Disruptor, developed by PM AM, leverages PM AM's Core Four Pillars to elevate the insights derived from your department's crime data. It enhances resource allocation, customize citizen outreach, monitors your city's social media pulse, all while significantly reducing labor and time expenses.

Crime Disruptor's tailored analysis empowers your department with an in-depth understanding of crime patterns, pinpointing geographic trends and potential hotspots at a granular level.

With this valuable knowledge at your disposal, the program's user-friendly reporting tools automatically offer solutions to your decision-makers, eliminating the need for additional personnel and associated costs.

Crime Disruptor streamlines and harmonizes decision-making processes for both daily deployment and special event planning, fostering seamless coordination throughout the chain of command.

The software's intuitive data management features facilitate easy customization and concise criteria, ensuring transparency for city management and the communities you serve.

PM AM Core Four Pillars

Business Intelligence (BI)

Crime Disruptor harnesses the power of advanced Business Intelligence tools to effortlessly extract and analyze historical data, all with a simple click.

Its tailored interface offers customized views and filters that swiftly dissect data by beat or neighborhood in mere seconds, generating reports and information that typically require hours or even days of manual preparation.

Furthermore, Crime Disruptor's adaptability allows for personalized enhancements in decision-making and the creation of visually compelling deployment strategies, whether for daily operations or special-event coverage.

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