PM AM Project Management System

The PPMS integrates leading industry practices from models such as SEI - CMMI, MSF Framework, Rational Unified Processes, Agile Methodologies, and Six Sigma. This integration streamlines project management, placing project control conveniently at your fingertips.


The PM AM Project Management system is the result of many years of real-world experience in leading teams and successfully completing projects. PM AM's PPMS software is a valuable tool for creating project plans that cover communication, training, data management, risk assessment, quality control, scope definition, and scheduling. PPMS primarily aims to achieve the following:

Improve Collaboration Among Team Members

  • Enhance Project Planning
  • Ensure Full Transparency for Everyone Involved
  • Efficient Monitoring and Control
  • Implement Process Checkpoints
  • Provide Valuable Status Reports
PPMS Offerings Include:

  • Managing Distributed Teams
  • Incorporating Industry Best Practices
  • Utilizing a Ready-to-Use Quality Management System
  • Accessing Project and Portfolio Dashboards

Empower your project management with PPMS, a comprehensive solution integrating industry best practices.
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