Customized Enforcement Of Alarm Ordinances

PM AM FAMS is the premier municipal alarm ordinance management solution in the marketplace. Designed as an end-to-end solution and used nationwide, PM AM FAMS assumes responsibility for the entire program, with the goals to increase compliance, reduce false alarms, and deploy an effective cost recovery plan for your city.

PM AM understands the exorbitant cost of false alarms for cities of all sizes and has deployed PM AM FAMS for over a decade, with unparalleled success. This comes from a deep understanding of alarm ordinances and program requirements, an ever-improving software solution rooted in the latest technologies (Business Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation), and a professional staff that represents your city by providing an industry-leading white-glove experience.

PM AM FAMS requires no startup costs or service fees. Taken together, PM AM FAMS is the obvious choice, a true return on no investment.

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End-to-End Program Management

PM AM FAMS provides end-to-end program management. Developing and maintaining a successful alarm management program requires so much more than a software, which can only provide the tools to run the program. It requires the experience and know-how to realize the value of those tools. That’s why, PM AM FAMS fully manages the following:


Fully Customizable

PM AM FAMS is fully customizable to your city’s unique needs, from alarm ordinance to specific appeal procedures. With over 15 years of experience in alarm program management, PM AM has seen it all and worked with diverse cities (with varying populations, alarm ordinance requirements, demographics, and state and local statutes) to deliver a consistently robust solution.

Since our technology is built for tomorrow, today, program managers can rest assured that the PM AM FAMS program is built to meet the changing nature of cities and their populations, without affecting the program’s success.


Complimentary Alarm Ordinance Development

At PM AM, we recognize that crafting a robust alarm ordinance, one that is fair to both your citizens/businesses as well as to the Police Department and City, can be a daunting task.

PM AM employs specialists to work with cities to help develop a new or amend an existing ordinance. Our team works with each individual city to understand their current state, needs, and makes recommendations based on our 15+ year history in the alarm management space.

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