Enhanced Citizen Outreach And Engagement With The Latest Technologies

City Reach software, by PM AM, uses PM AM’s Core Four Pillars to drastically enhance the ways your City interacts with your Citizens.

City Reach’s simple interface and powerful functions significantly augment the way your City does business, heightening Citizen awareness of messages and alerts, consolidating and expediting social media analysis, and catering to the newest demographics entering Cities.

City Reach boosts your City’s ability to communicate directly with targeted audiences, as refined as individual homes. No longer overwhelm your Citizens on one side of the City with irrelevant information and surveys.

The platform also enhances real-time, two-way contact with Citizens interacting with social media platforms, like Facebook. Rather than spending hours collating and reviewing the latest posts, let City Reach do the work for you.

Additionally, City Reach considers Cities’ expanding Millennial demographic and transports website functions, such as 311 requests, to social media platforms, essentially bringing your City and its services to the Citizen directly.

Taken together, City Reach empowers your department to keep up with today’s tech-savvy Citizenry using cutting-edge tools that maximize effectiveness while minimizing labor.

PM AM Core Four Pillars

Business Intelligence (BI)

Data is rarely useful without context and visualization. City Reach employs Business Intelligence to deliver Cities actionable information, not just data.

Whether it is representing social media posts analysis in dashboard form or creating a Citizen outreach map, the platform is geared to take large amounts of data that typically take days and weeks to review – and present that information in compelling visual representations, all in real time.

Value Add

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