Powerful AI-Driven Crime Data Management Solution

Crime Disruptor software, by PM AM, uses PM AM’s Core Four Pillars to improve insight delivered from your department’s crime data, enhance resource management, customize citizen outreach, and maintain the pulse of your city through social media, all while reducing labor and time costs.

Crime Disruptor’s customized analysis strengthens your department’s understanding of crime trends and pinpoints geographic tendencies and potential hot spots on a beat-by-beat basis.

With that knowledge in hand, the program’s intuitive reporting tools automatically offer solutions to your decision makers without added manpower and labor costs.

Crime Disruptor strengthens and coordinates decision-making for daily deployment and special event planning, up and down the chain of command.

Crime Disruptor’s easy-to-use data management allows easy customization and concise criteria capable of providing transparency for city management and the communities you serve.

PM AM Core Four Pillars

Business Intelligence (BI)

Crime Disruptor uses BI tools to mine and process historical data for unique insights, all at the click of a button.

The platform’s customized views and filters slice and dice data by beat or neighborhood in a matter of seconds, providing reports and information that normally takes hours, if not days, to prepare.

And, Crime Disruptor can be customized to strengthen decision-making and create visualized deployment strategies, for daily or special-event coverage.

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